Influential Factors for Learning and Success

The thinking is that the following factors are influential. Hence, better understanding of our students in terms of these aspects might help us tailor program better. For each aspect, some technical literature is attached (thanks to Stanley Lo, Frances Contreras, and Alan Daly)
  1. Aspirations
  2. Self-efficacy
  3. Sense of belonging and social capital
  4. Preferred modes of learning
  5. Social expectations
  6. Motivation
  7. Comfort level with the prerequisite material
Here is another generally useful tool from HERI: CIRP Freshmen Survey

Relevant literature

  1. Experiences that Matter: Enhancing Student Learning and Success, National Survey of Student Engagement, Annual Report 2007
  2. Pathways to Student Success: The Impact of Learning Communities on the Success of Academically Under-Prepared College Students, Engstrom and Tinto, 2007
There are also other aspects of learning to we want to focus.
  1. Deep learning