2017 Mathematics Academy for Transfer Students

The Department of Mathematics is pleased to offer the 2017 Mathematics Academy for Transfer Students, which consists of a five-week program from August 5th through September 9th, where students will enroll in courses as described below.  The courses will provide a strong academic foundation so students can rapidly progress in their degree program at UC San Diego and graduate sooner. In addition, students will participate in advising and other activities to ensure a smooth transition to UC San Diego.

Eligibility and How to Apply

All transfer students who are admitted to UC San Diego in Fall 2017 to any major in the Department of Mathematics are eligible to apply to the Mathematics Academy.

Part 1: Common application and Part 2: Academy application for admission to the Academy will open on May 1, 2017. Please consult the 2017 Academy calendar for more details. Students are encouraged to complete the application as soon as they decide to join UC San Diego.

Courses and Prerequisites

All Mathematics Academy students are required to enroll (through the Academy) in Math 109 (Mathematical Reasoning). If you are a Math-CS major, you are required to take CSE 12 (Basic Data Structures and Object-Oriented Design) and CSE 15L(Software Tools and Techniques Laboratory)  through the CSE Academy. Otherwise, you are required to take Math 20E (Vector Calculus). The five week program consists of the following courses:

For Mathematics-Computer Science Majors

For all other Mathematics Majors

Enrollment in Math 20E requires the completion of a course equivalent to Math 20C (Calculus for Science and Engineering III).  Enrollment in Math 109 requires the completion of a course equivalent to Math 20F (Linear Algebra) or Math 31AH (Honors Linear Algebra).

Enrollment in CSE 12 requires the completion of a course equivalent to either CSE 11 (Introduction to Computer Science and Object-Oriented Programming: Java) or CSE 8B (Introduction to Computer Science: Java II).  If you qualify to enroll in CSE 12, you will then automatically qualify to enroll in CSE 15L.

Please consult http://assist.org for checking whether you will have met the relevant prerequisites by August 5, 2017.

More information about the Mathematics courses is available at Mathematics Undergraduate Courses.


To learn more about the Mathematics Academy people, please browse the page with their photos and brief statements.


Student Advisors

  • Kelly Guerriero
  • Scott Rollans
  • Jeffrey Saikali


Teaching Assistants

2016 Mathematics Academy Calendar

2016 Math Academy Calendar