ECE 25: Introduction to Digital Design

UC San Diego Academy 2015

Welcome to ECE 25 Digital Design!

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Instructor and mentors

Instructor: Curt Schurgers

Teaching Assistant:David Hall

Mentors: Mengjia (Kay) Lyu, Cordelia Neisinger, Yiming Tang, Jacob Troyer

Course description

This course emphasizes digital electronics. Principles introduced in lectures are used in laboratory assignments, which also serve to introduce experimental and design methods. Topics include Boolean algebra, combination and sequential logic, gates and their implementation in digital circuits.

Textbook and other course materials

Logic and Computer Design Fundamentals, Morris M. Mano and Charles R. Kime, Prentice-Hall, 4th edition.

All textbooks and course materials will be provided to the students free of charge on the opening day (August 2, 2015).

Course requirements and grading

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