2017 UC San Diego Academy Health Forms

Please follow the instructions below regarding your health insurance coverage and complete the Health Insurance Agreement.
  • Health Insurance Requirement: UC San Diego requires all registered students to have adequate health insurance coverage. As a default, UC San Diego provides the UC Student Health Insurance Plan (UCSHIP), which is a comprehensive health insurance plan. Early Start UCSHIP is available for the duration of the Summer Transfer Academy at a cost of $270.02. If you do not have an adequate health insurance coverage from your own sources, we strongly encourage you to sign up for Early Start UCSHIP. Also if you plan to sign up for UCSHIP in Fall 2017, you are also required to sign up for the Early Start UCSHIP. If you have adequate insurance, you can choose to waive the Early Start UCSHIP. Please complete the Health Insurance Agreement.
  • Student Health Services: Students participating in the 2017 Summer Transfer Academy at UCSD are eligible to access UCSD Student Health Services (SHS) and UCSD Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS). Through a special arrangement, some services at SHS and CAPS are provided at no cost. The document, Student Health Services, provides more information.